Monday, February 18, 2013

Paintings by Michael Carson

A new artist I'm loving is Michael Carson- lovely color, loose quality of brush strokes, and great emotive feeling to his stark aesthetic.  Also, one of the (many) galleries that represents him is right here in Carmel, CA, so I'm hoping I can see something of his in person soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Warren Chang's Workshop

I thought you may like to see work from my 3-day painting workshop with Warren Chang.  (Check out his amazing work here:

 This is from day one.  The model is Lupe.  She looks a little like Che Guevara in my painting.  Oops.

 Day two... The model is Crow.  Unfinished.

Day three... getting there... 

 Final finished portrait (detail on right).

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

March of Dimes

I'm walking a 5K for the March of Dimes- March for Babies on behalf of my beloved nephew Enzo... who went from a 5wk-early NICU baby to a happy, healthy, and hilarious (nearly) four-year old.  March of Dimes fights for babies that are born too early, too small, and too unhealthy to fight for themselves. Help me raise money for the March of Dimes to help babies like Enzo have the chance to grow old!  

Friday, January 18, 2013

Room for Dessert

Cruel and unusual punishment.

I've been doing it.  REALLY doing it.  Working out, that is.  This may seem unremarkable to you, random (and oh-so-fit) reader of this blog.  But for me it's remarkable.  Noteworthy, even.

I signed up for a year-long membership to the Monterey Sports Center (well, I signed up Hubs too, but he's yet to visit).  Due to my compulsive need to get my money's worth, I've been there 3 TIMES in the first week!  (and take note, that's in addition to my 3-hr hike on Sunday!)

There are signs all over the fitness machines that say, "STOP exercising if you feel pain, faint, dizziness, or short of breath."  I feel all of the above within the first 3 minutes or so of exercising, which is why I'm at the gym in the first place, silly!

But the WORST part, is the new CUPCAKE shop that opened directly across the street from the entrance to the gym.  REALLY!?  That's just cruel.  Get us when we're feeling all proud of ourselves for following through on our Resolutions...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 New Year's Resolutions Review

Last year my resolutions were:
1. More art
2. More exercise
3. More community service it a cop-out to use the same 3 for 2013?  I did OK, but there is room for improvement on all 3.

It took most of the year to even get started on this... but now I'm getting to a place where my "art muscles" are getting back in shape.  I've made some jewelry, hand-painted greeting cards, learned how to felt and completed a few projects, and started attending a weekly figure drawing session.  In the 2nd week of 2013 I'm taking a 3-day painting workshop with Warren Chang, so I'll "start off with a bang."  I'm also painting something to bring to the class for a critique.  I hope to continue the figure drawing sessions and also to find some models so I can actually finish pieces.

Thanks to the incentive of fitting into the white dress, I exercised more this year than I have since I stopped dancing.  That said, it still wasn't much, and was completely inconsistent... especially after July 21st.  I am proud to say though, that I completed my first TWO 5Ks in 2012.  I also worked with Physical Therapists for a few months on my elbows (Rheumatoid Arthritis sucks), and I was something of a regular at a Pacific Grove Jazzercise class.  Granted, I was the youngest participant by at least two decades, but that seems to be a theme lately.  A few times, Hubs and I went for walks on the golf course or beach, but it wasn't frequent, and admittedly, they weren't very brisk walks.

I helped with the SPCA's Pet Telethon, I was the top individual fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation's Jingle Bell Walk/Run, I spent two days ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at Trader Joes... and unfortunately that about sums it up.  This is something I really hope to improve on in 2013.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Side note

I WILL have this in my house.

If the Mayans were dyslexic...'s been nice knowing you.  

If not, you should know that this is the last day of your lifetime that will be a triple repeat.  The next will be 88 years from now.  And if you can read this, you probably won't make it.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  On a happier note- any babies born today, people are sure to remember their birthday.