Saturday, March 12, 2011

He's Just Not that Into You

I'm doing a little "research" for a book idea. Someone recommended I read "He's Just Not that Into You" and I'm about half-way through it, but I got the gist after only a few pages... and boy is it frustrating. Where was this book when I needed it!?

Women have some horrible habits when it comes to dating. We make excuses for men's bad behavior. No matter how badly they treat us, if we like them, we will find a reason to hang on.

If you are single (and don't want to be), you should read this book. It's not that guys are being malicious, a lot of the time they are just too afraid to hurt your feelings by letting you know they JUST AREN'T THAT INTO YOU! The message isn't a mean one. It's actually liberating. The authors are saying you deserve better. Stop beating a dead horse... or waiting around for the horse to come back to life. Go out there and find the one who IS THAT INTO YOU.

I finally did, and it's totally wonderful.
If only I'd read this book earlier!

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  1. getting older and smarter - it's called wisdom