Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keep your Friends Close

Key ways to keep your friends close?

For starters, don't move completely across the country. That doesn't work for you? You're independent and adventurous, and even a touch masochistic?

My next piece of advice is one I really should not give. They say you ought to practice what you preach, and I never follow my own advice: PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE. Now, in my defense, the time zones are NOT my friends. Nor is my job my friend. It's turning out that I spend a lot more time with enemies. I'm definitely keeping them closer.

So the new resolution (isn't it sad that I have to make rules in order to have friends?) is that I will contact a friend every week. One friend per week. Bonus points for getting in touch with one friend multiple times a week, or multiple friends in one week. Haven't heard from me in awhile? Don't be surprised to see my name in your callerID. But you know what?

The phone works both ways.

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