Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Bridesmaids" is the funniest movie I've seen since "The Hangover."

See the trailer HERE.

"Bridesmaids" is "The Hangover", women's edition. It's slapstick, and extremely gross, to the point of being excrutiating. But I didn't stop laughing. OK, I might have covered my eyes. Several times. But I was laughing out loud nearly the whole way through.

It has a lot of great messages... about friendship, love, self-worth, and family. It also has several female archetypes that you will either relate to, or be able to find a parallel to in your own friends and family circle.

Not convinced? Jon Hamm is in it (the guy from "Mad Men"). Or if he isn't your speed (he isn't mine), there's an adorable guy with an IRISH accent! Maybe I should have led with that?


  1. I was torn as to if I'd like this movie until I read your note about Jon Hamm. I didn't know he was int his! He is totally my speed, plus I think Mad Men is the most amazing series in forever. I'm not sure if I like the idea of him being anyone other than Don Draper, but I am curious!

  2. Warning, Jon Hamm is the WORST in this. But if you love him, you do get to see him shirtless. Well, naked. So there's that.