Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Goals and Resolutions

More art.  More exercise.  More community service.

The Guy thinks I should be more specific than "more."  Especially where exercise is concerned, because I'm a slacker.  In my opinion though, people get too specific with resolutions and then break them easily, get discouraged, and quit.  So I'm not going there.

1. More art.
It's what I love... it's what my degree is in (BFA in Painting)... and I've been on hiatus for entirely too long.  The first projects on my plate are designing a beer label for a friend's award winning Portabello Porter, and designing our wedding invitations.  Both of these are joint projects with The Guy (who is also a mastermind at Photoshop), but I figure they still count.

2. More exercise.
I made my mom a promise that I would FINALLY start Physical Therapy for my joints.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I've had increasing pain and decreasing mobility for the last year.  I'm now "hitting the gym" (granted, it's the physical therapy gym and it's strength training and flexibility exercises, no cardio yet) twice a week!  That's an all-time high for me, except when I used to dance 3 times a week back in high school.

3. More community service.
Before Christmas I rang the Salvation Army bell outside the grocery store for a few hours and it was SO much fun that I realized I need to get back into serving my community.  I'm all signed up to help at the SPCA Telethon this Saturday night... and then a week or two later I'll get training so I can work with the animals.  I'd like to find more people-related services, but this is a good start.  Last year I led a Relay for Life team, but the event this year is during my honeymoon, so that's out.

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