Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm a Meatatarian

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

"My favorite animal is steak." Fran Lebowitz

"Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians- except the occasional mountain lion steak." Ted Nugent

There are few things I love more than steak.
1. My nephew.
...oh my. Maybe there is only one thing I love more than steak! (I jest.) I'm no traditional steak lover, either. I know I should like it rare, bone-in, and fatty. But I don't. I like it medium well. Butterfly it if you have to! And I want the filet mignon. No fat. No bone. I barely even have to chew it. I think that's the mark of a TRUE steak lover. If you REALLY loved steak you wouldn't want to waste time on chewing.

The one in the photo is "au poivre", which is absolutely delicious, but honestly I generally prefer it with no sauce. You can keep your A1, thankyouverymuch. The Guy and I are currently on a mission to find the best steakhouse and this was the 3rd stop on our tour. I should fess up right away that we're checking out the chains. I'm fairly anti-chain, but there is one place in particular that makes me doubt my own life philosophy...

1st- (in both order we've tried and ranking) is Ruth's Chris. Now I've eaten Ruth's Chris filets in San Antonio, TX, Atlanta, GA, and San Francisco, CA and each one was the best steak I'd ever eaten. I have to say it's actually calming to know that no matter where I go in the US, there is a Ruth's Chris nearby if I'm getting desperate. It's like having a hostage negotiator for my psyche.

2nd- is the steak featured above from Smith & Wollensky in Las Vegas. Most men buy their girlfriends flowers, but my Guy knows better. Valentine's gift trip to Vegas? Steak and Cirque de Soleil? YES, PLEASE! (How lucky am I?)

3rd- (and honestly WAAAAY behind) is Morton's. My dad makes better steak on the grill and it doesn't cost anywhere NEAR their prices!

Any recommendations of steakhouses I should try? (I'm more than happy to add your local spots to the list... have meat? Will travel.)

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  1. Best steaks I ever had were at Squire's Loft in Melbourne, Australia and from my grandpa's refrigerator (which had previously been out eating home grown pasture in the back yard). Nothing beats a good steak that's been raised on good grass - makes such a difference!! Go Cattle Farmers!