Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Put a pin in it

The coolest web site you've never heard of: www.pinterest.com

If you're a visual person... and really, who isn't, in today's world? ...you NEED to know about this. Go on their site to request an invitation (yes, yes, very fancy). Once they let you in you add the "Pin it" link to your bookmarks bar. Then any time you are on any website and you see something you like (a pair of shoes, a beautiful painting, a funny quote, a cute photo of a cat, the perfect wedding bouquet, etc!), you click "Pin it" and it will pull up all the photos on that page you're viewing. You can make inspiration boards. You can also search pinterest for anything you find, well, pinteresting. Then you can repin it. You can follow your friends, or any pinterest user that has good taste!

Try it... you'll like it... and you can thank me later.

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