Monday, December 3, 2012

Arty State of Mind

Well, thanks to that amazing trip to Big Sur, my brain is back to it's old habits.  I'm (nearly constantly) thinking about ART.  

Here's a recent example: while drinking a latte on the way to SF for the Bazaar Bizarre- I thought how smart it is that my KeepCup is made of recycled materials... and is thus black, to hide any color impurities.  Then I realized that's way better than white cups, which inevitably get stained by tea and coffee.  Then I thought about my former art teacher, Nancy Bossert, who loved tea-staining paper.  Then I thought I can use that empty litter box to stain some nice sheets of Rives BFK paper.  Then I thought about the imprimatura that I have to have ready for my workshop with Warren Chang.  Did I lose you yet?  This all happened in the space of a minute or two.  

You might be thinking, "She has ADD."  But have no fear, my brain is just finally back to normal after a hiatus of what... 8 years?  EEK.  It's good to be back.

I'm going to life drawing sessions (no teacher, just a model) about once a week- 3hr sessions.

I started felting and I'm completely obsessed with it already.

I attended Warren Chang's portrait demo and now (thanks to Hubs!) I'm signed up to take his 3-day workshop in January.  Now to buy all the supplies....

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