Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hipster Heaven

I found it.  Hipster Heaven.  And it's glorious.

Unfortunately, Hubs wasn't so keen.  Next year- I go on my own.  Or with a patient, artsy friend.  Or perhaps have a booth of my own?  (um... what would I sell?)  While I could've spent the full day (it's open 11a-6p Saturday and Sunday), we blew through there in about an hour.  There are workshops, too, to learn techniques.

My only purchase (which is a miracle that Hubs lack of interest is directly responsible for) was my 2nd Woolbuddy kit.  I'm in love with felting!  Wool Buddy is a company that an artist began in 2009 in Northern California.  He was looking for some original toys for his baby daughter... and that simple idea led to these brilliant little kits that teach you how to make his creations.  I've always had an interest in felting and I figure after 3 or 4 kits I can create my own felting fun.  The actual artist was there with some human-size giraffes, tons of kits, hundreds of finished creations and he was demo-ing as well.  He was making sushi out of felt.

Other booths had silkscreened Tees, handmade soap, fancy chocolate, hair fascinators, jewelry, paintings, wood-work, purses, belt buckles, lamps, stuffed animals, knit creations, letterpress stationery, tchotchkes, you name it.  Truly a mecca of small businesses and artist creativity.  That will not be my last Bizarre Bazaar.

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