Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Sur-prises

This past weekend, my college roommate visited from Brooklyn, NY.  She had her heart set on staying at Deetjen's Big Sur Inn... in (where else?) Big Sur, CA.  Though I've been to Big Sur once or twice, I've never stayed.  Of course, I was game.

This was my bed.  We stayed in the "Chalet"...which we renamed "The Tree House."  Check out the view below, and you'll see why.

The top floor was ours... and the couple on the 1st floor... well, they definitely enjoyed their stay in "The Champagne Room."  You know that saying, "no sex in the champagne room"...?  NOT TRUE.  Evidently they were keeping with Deetjen's tradition.  There are full articles about all the "steam-up-the-windows-sex" that has taken place at Deetjen's since the early 1900s.  Nowadays, the fact that there is no cell service whatsoever is sure to be helpful.  My friend and I shared a bottle of wine and some local strawberries, we read books and design magazines, and we listened to the nearby stream, the crickets, and... well... our neighbors.  Heehee.

Unfortunately, I missed taking photos of our breakfast companion and the Deetjen's mascot... Fabio.  He's the tiger-kitty who pretty much owns the place.  Fabio slept (on a chair at our outdoor table) through the meal and I didn't want to disturb him with paparazzi.

After a fabulous breakfast... we went exploring.  These are trees in Julia Pfeiffer State Beach.

Funky iced chai and home-marinated olives here...

Unfortunately they no longer allow people to try out the "spirit nest"...

Then, my absolute favorite Big Sur spot... if you know how to get there...

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