Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wanna meet-up?

Have you heard of www.meetup.com?  This site is brilliant.  (My husband's family is British, so I've started peppering my speech with "brilliant"s and calling the elevator "the lift."  Hey, I'm British by marriage, right?)

With my gypsy history, my social calendar isn't exactly overflowing.  Living in PA, VA, GA, AZ, NC and finally CA means that the majority of my family/friends are East Coasters.  Add to that my crazy work hours and the fact that I was always traveling for my jobs... I'm pretty much telling you that I don't have friends.

Well, OK, a FEW.  But not enough.  I'm a social butterfly and I went from surrounded by a school full of chattering teenagers and gossipy faculty and staff to... quiet.  Constant quiet.  Hubs and I both work from home.  And other than laundry and bookkeeping, I should probably put quotations around the "work from home" - at least where I'm concerned.  I need more social stimulation!

Voila!  Meet-up.com

Their motto is "Use the internet to get you off the internet."

So far I've joined a book club, a social club, and a drawing and painting group.  Anyone can start a group, and anyone in a group can suggest or join a meet-up.  I'm scheduled to attend a figure drawing session, and a free portrait drawing demo with Warren Chang.  (He's awesome, check it out.)

Hooray for friends!

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