Friday, October 26, 2012

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Living in wine country, I've spent a lot of time wine tasting.  One thing I'd never tried though, was "bourbon tasting"... that is, not until I visited Louisville, Kentucky.
 Note the shape of the holes in the red shutters... can you guess where we went?

There's an entire "Kentucky Bourbon Trail" but we only made it to Maker's Mark.  It's a pretty awesome site, tour, and experience.  I recommend it, though I will admit- I'm not a bourbon neat drinker.  Nor on the rocks.  If it doesn't have a mixer... it's not for me.

 Here's an interesting tidbit- when you're smelling (wine, whiskey, whatever), open your mouth slightly.  The smell will be stronger and you also sort of taste it, since you're carrying the scent over your tongue.

I really loved these paintings by a local artist.  They detail the whole process of making Maker's.

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